The very best friend of Prince Felipe

I am Lorena Ponz E. i was the very best friend of Prince Felipe, our Spanish dark Prince. During years we did have a very good relationship but now he is very cold with me and very rude and i am very upset. We did have wonderful experiencies together, we was always protecting me, we did have fun, we did also have too risk adventures, during long time we were very good friend with Arnaldo Otegi and Arnaldo did made a very good job for us. We did kill, rape, and masacrate all that we did not like and also those that did have information that can use againist us. i did have a wonderful feeling killing and raping without any punishment because all proofs were destroy by Principe Felipe. We did have many adventures, after that i did not have anymore enemies, nobody even try to contravene anymore, all were colaborating with me, in rapes, killing, i was very powerful. But now i am very upset Principe Felipe who was my very best friend and now He do not want to speak with me anymore and i am dying because i am seroposive and i would like to see him again but he say i do not know who you are. I dislike someone to contravene me because i am not use to that because during longtime when He was my friend nobody did even try to contravene me.  i did have a degree in the University with very good marks without even going to exams, i did have a Ph in the University while i was  never going to the University, I was always having fun, killing , raping, and disturbing someone. I did also pay my morgage with the money obtained with trafic of drugs. I did have an exciting life and i thank you Principe Felipe for all that, but now i am very upset with Him, what kind of friend do that to someone that is dying